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Central Jurisdiction of Ohio
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The 2004 Jurisdictional Music Meeting was a big success. SPECIAL THANKS goes to....  

Bishop Warren E. Miller
-thank you for the leadership and support you have given us....... 

Supt. Tyrone Humphries
You and your church consistantly support our efforts and I  thank God for you , your church and your music dept.  You were truly a God sent blessing.  

Supt. Gerald Morgan
 I will always remember how willingly you, your wife, and and your church supported our meeting. I thank God for you all.....  

Elder Willie McMillian
-"NEW COVENANT" was truly a blessing to us in the Meeting.  I thank God
for your fellowship and support.

Elder Nehemiah Howard
-you are truly a man of your word....Thank You so much for your support.  

Supt. Eddie Jackson and Bibleland
-just having you there with us made the difference. I appreciate everything
you did for us....May God richly bless you.

Supt Emmitt Nevels
Thank you for your support...and for the support from your church.
May God continue to Richly Bless You all!


Thank You